Club Membership

How to Become a Member

  1. You must be 21 years of age.
  2. Complete an application for membership with at least one member reference.
  3. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified by mail.
  4. If you have been chosen to become a member, you will receive a membership card that will entitle you to participate in all of the events and activities as well as an access to the club and the loyalty program.

A letter from the Board Of Directors

Thank you for your interest in joining the Jacktown Ride and Hunt Club. Attached you will find a Membership

The Jacktown Ride and Hunt Club, established in 1936, is one of the longest-running private clubs in
Westmoreland County, and boasts over 3000 members. We offer exquisite dining six nights a week, and also
lunch Tuesday through Friday from Noon to 2:00PM. Notably, the JRHC is the 2019 & 2018 Trib Reader’s
Choice Gold Award Winner for Best Seafood Restaurant and 2018 Silver Award Winner for Best Steak
Restaurant. We offer our members a full service upscale bar, as well as a private Meeting Room which can
accommodate small or large parties.

Many of the Monthly Club features we are proud to offer our members, include a Wine Club, a Craft Beer Club,
and Twisted Trivia Game Night. The JRHC also offers our members discounts for various holidays, including a
$15.00 OFF Coupon for Birthdays, a $15.00 OFF Coupon for Anniversaries, and $20.00 OFF Table for
Grandparent’s Day. We also host an annual Golf Outing.

The JRHC is especially proud of our involvement within our local community, including awarding an annual
$1000.00 scholarship to a high school graduate. Applicants must be the child or grandchild of a member.

Our yearly dues are $75.00 for the Primary Card Holder. An additional Membership Card is only $25.00 for a
spouse or significant other. With your membership, you will automatically receive Loyalty Points for every
dollar you spend at JRHC. Once you accrue 1000 Loyalty Points, you will receive a $30.00 Credit to spend at
the Club. Please submit your completed application with payment for the membership type you choose.

Experience the genial atmosphere and phenomenal fare for yourself by becoming a member of the historic
Jacktown Ride & Hunt Club.

Sincerely yours;
JRHC Board of Directors

Membership Dues

As you may have noted, there have been some changes made to the way the annual membership dues are being handled. A new membership dues will be due one year from the last day of the month of joining. Previous members will still be due by August 30. The club is looking to notify the membership when dues are required. ALL members will be issued a membership card like the one above with their membership number on the back. If you had a number when signing the book for the Wednesday evening drawing, an attempt has been made for you to keep that number. If your dues were NOT paid by October deadline, a new number may have/will be issued. It is suggested that the membership number be verified with the registration of the book for the Wednesday night drawing to insure your participation. With your membership card(s), you will be able to access the club, provide information for the loyalty program credit and functions such as signing for the Wednesday night drawing. The previously issued cards and FOBS will no longer be used/work for access to the club. It is asked that the FOB and/or card be dropped in the container at the front desk. If your new card does not function for access and/or the loyalty program, please notify one of the staff members. If the card should be lost, you will need to have a new card issued with a new membership number at a cost of $5.00.

Membership dues are: Primary card holder is $75 and for an additional card for spouse/significant other is $25.

Remember, the loyalty program provides that for every dollar you spend on food and/or drinks, you are awarded one point. Get 500 points and you will receive a $25.00 gift card.

You can request a membership application through our email address.